highest standard in coaching

SSA is a Union of Surfing & Paddle Boarding Schools, Camps, Clubs & Organizations

The SSA is a union of surf & paddle boarding schools, camps and organizations worldwide involved in teaching and training surfing that are interested in the practice, development and promotion of surfing in terms of the definition of the ISA & the National & International NGB ( National Governing Bodies). The SSA label stands for the highest standard in coaching worldwide.

The SSA board consists of leading Official ISA Presenters who are also training new course Presenters and have trained more than 1000 participants in their instructor courses working in more than 170 surf schools & surf camps globally, which we inspected & monitoed annually. 

As a result, the quality standards of the SSA member schools are globally unique - every member has to sign an obligations form and to continually prove their commitment to state-of-the-art surf coaching.

Choosing an SSA surf school or surf camp ensures your maximum learning progress in a safe and fun environment!

World Map Members of SSA and Green Room Surf Alliance

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