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SUP coaching candidates must complete the following workbook to fulfill the accreditation criteria. It will then be used as evidence of your competence to deliver Flat Water SUP lessons.


No pre-requisites for course participation.


1. Attend a SUP Surf coaching Course

2. Complete your 20 practical coaching hours, this includes session records and venue analysis signed off by a supervisor coach covering

3. Hold all required safety certificates

4. Be a National Surf Federation member

5. Complete workbook and return to ISA Course Organiser / Course Presenter

On completion of these requirements your ISA SUP Flat Water coaching accreditation will be registered on the ISA database and a new coaching card will be issued. The coaching card can be used as evidence to gain employment with any SUP school.


Your SUP accreditation is valid for one year. To re-accredit please visit National Surf Federation membership must be paid yearly to keep the accreditation valid.

Other safety and first aid qualifications expire at different intervals, ensure they are maintained as individually required.

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the World Governing Authority for Surfing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Surfing and Racing, and all other wave riding activities. The ISA has been crowning World Champions since 1964.

The ISA Surf & SUP Coaching & Instructing Educational Program is the international standard for accreditation of Coaches and Instructors in the Surf & Sup School industry. The ISA is committed to all surfers. Its philosophy is one of inclusion: recognising it is the right of all people regardless of age, gender, ethnic background and ability level, to participate in the sport of surfing and its related activities. All of the above contribute to the ISA’s ultimate mission, which is to develop surfing globally.




This paddle boarding workbook is to be completed by the coaching candidate and signed off by your designated ISA Course Organiser / Course Presenter. It will then be used as evidence of your competence to deliver SUP Lesson’s.


Record 20 hours of practical SUP coaching experience under the supervision of a designated ISA Course Organiser / Course Presenter Contact

Complete a venue analysis prior to the lesson
Record practical lesson outcomes on coaching session record form
Ensure availability of the supervisor coach when you are organising lessons Complete and sign off coach’s code of ethics agreement form
Complete coach information card
Have your supervising coach complete and sign the competency check list


Attend and supervise 20 hours of participant coaching experience
For each session, check the participants venue analysis sheet and session record
Provide feedback to the participant after the venue analysis and record the feedback in the workbook Sign off and date the venue analysis and coaching session records
Provide the participant with feedback at the end of each session and record in the workbook
Sign off and date the competency checklist


Complete the final check list. This workbook is to be submitted to your ISA Course Organiser / Course Presenter with all copies of required certificates once you have completed the 20 hours of coaching experience.

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