SSA: History, Mission & Constitution

Foundation in 2012

The idea of the Surf School Alliance was born in June 2011, when we realised that - in contrast to a lot of other sports - there was no organisation representing the surf schools and surf camps yet. After months of research, preparation and negotiations the SSA was finally founded in March 2012 :)

The first schools and camps joined in, and slowly but steadily the number started to grow. With the establishment of the Green Room Surf Alliance (with the framework of the EU project SUNRISE) as a premium membership for surf schools, camps and retreats with the commitment of going green, a new milestone has been set.

Mission & Constitution

The SSA is a union of surf schools and organizations involved in teaching and training surfing that are interested in the practice, development and promotion of surfing in terms of the definition of the I.S.A. It is a non-profit organization whose purpose is the representation of its affiliated members, their coordination and the protection of their interests.

Another purpose of the SSA is to practice, develop and promote surfing as an activity shaped through the immediate contact to nature and the dependency on ecological conditions in a way that places emphasis on social, political and environmental awareness.

For further infos and details please download the SSA Constitution.

SSA Constitution download

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