Ericeira / Portugal

Mellowmove Surfcamps

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Bem Vindo em Portugal, the most beautiful and relaxed surfing country in Europe! The seemingly endless, perfect waves, the friendly attitude of the Portuguese and the breathtaking cliffs coupled with numerous sunny days add up to an incredible surfing holiday.

The coastal region around Ericeira offers a variety of surf spots. Our home spot is "Praia de Sao Lourenco" and is within walking distance. The cove is located approximately 400 meters away from our home base. The wave which rolls into the bay is known among the surfers as the Portuguese version of the Hawaiian world-famous spot called "Sunset Beach".

Our Mellowmove surf-house is based on the outskirts of Sao Lourenco where Tiago Pires grew up. The building was originally developed and used as a restaurant and pension and welcomes you with all the amenities. It provides a lot of space in the comfortable two-bed and four-bed rooms as well as in the rest of the house.

We offer beginner-, intermediate- and advanced surf classes. The course lasts about 4 - 5 hours per day. Surfing days are Monday through Friday. Everyday we look for the best waves of the day with our camp busses. Our surf instructors are all certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and qualified lifeguards! But what is far more important: They live for their job!